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250° Series By Hoyt - Made in the USA

The 250° Series utilizes a highly damped, spring loaded pivot & jewel movement that is mechanically interlocked. This design provides very high torque over the 250 degree swing therefore making it ideal for applications where vibration or shock are continuous. This proven design can be found in several DC applications such as emergency vehicles, marine instrumentation, diesel/gas generators, pyrometers, and pressure monitoring. A high impact metal case is available in iron or brass and can be fitted with a black or chrome bezel for aesthetics. 

Sizes: 250-20: 2", 250-30: 3", 250-375: 3.75", 250-45: 4.5" 

Meter Types: Microammeters, Milliammmeters, Ammeters, Millivoltmeters, Voltmeters, Pyrometers, and Custom 

Boat Dash250 Rudder Angle Indicator

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