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Hoyt Volume Unit (VU) Audio, 1.5", 2.5", 3.5", or 4.5" Analog Panel Meters

Standard Product: Buff Dial with Scale A, 90 Degree Arc, Black Lettering, Black Knife Edge Pointer, Surface Mount, Pivot & Jewel.

Choose from the 2018-22VU, 3115VU, 2025VU, 635VU, 3125VU, 4025VU, 2035VU, 4035VU, 582VU, 597VU, 3135VU, 2135VU, 2045VU, 647VU, 3145VU, 4045VU, or 2145VU based on your size and style requirements.

Hoyt is one of the last VU manufacturers located in the USA. We offer a large variety of standard VU meters and specialize in custom applications for compressors and limiters.

Choose Custom for variations in dials and other requirements. There will be a section for comments where you can request your particular dial or range.

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