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ELRM44V Series - Earth Leakage Relays

The Broyce ELRM44V variable earth leakage relays are designed to detect and monitor true RMS earth currents in conjunction with a separate torroid in order to protect personnel and equipment. The LED's bargraph provides a constant indication of any leakage current. There is adjustable sensitivity and time delay up to ten seconds for single and three phase systems. Two relay outputs are provided (1 x SPNO, 1 x SPDT) to shut down power to the equipment or trigger alarms.

Key Features and Specifications (Consult Datasheet for Complete Details)
20, 100, 300, 500mA, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30A (selectable)
Time Delay:
0, 60, 150 ,250, 500, 800mS
Supply Voltage:
12-125VDC or 24, 115/320, 400VAC
1 x SPNO, 1 x SPDT Relays
Frequency Range: 50/60/400Hz AC Supply
Isolation: Over voltage CATIII
Power Consumption: 6VA (AC Supply) 5W (DC Supply)
Mounting: 35MM DIN

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