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Presentor AL19 Series, 1.5" Analog VU Panel Meter

Standard Product: Black/Red on Buff A Scale, 90 Degree Arc, Black Lettering, Black Tube Pointer, 2-Stud 2.5 x 10mm, 1/4 Spade Input Terminals, Plastic Case, Plastic Window, Taut Band, Rear Zero Adjust

Hoyt is an authorized distributor for the Sifam VU Series in the United States. The Presentor AL19 Series is a 1.5" meter than can be surface mounted (AL19M and AL19B) or window mounted (AL19W and AL19WF). It is constructed with a transparent acrylic front, high impact translucent rear body, and black ABS molded enclosure. The taut band center magnet movement is standard and there is no calibration effect when mounted on a ferrous panel. The combination of tube pointer and flattened arc scale on the buff colored dial results in an easy to read meter, even when monitoring a row on a large console. The performance of the meter is based on the requirements of IEC 268-17.

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