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Presentor AL29 Series, 2" Rectangular Analog VU Panel Meter

Standard Product: Black/Red on Buff A Scale, 90 Degree Arc, Black Lettering, Black Tube Pointer, 2-Stud 2.5 x 10mm, 1/4 Spade Input Terminals, Plastic Case, Plastic Window, Taut Band, Rear Zero Adjust

Hoyt is the authorized distributor for Sifam VU  in the United States. The Presentor AL29 Series is a 2" meter than can be surface mounted (AL29M and AL29B) or window mounted (AL29W and AL29WF). It is constructed with a transparent acrylic front, high impact translucent rear body, and black ABS molded enclosure. The taut band center magnet movement is standard and there is no calibration effect when mounted on a ferrous panel. The combination of tube pointer and flattened arc scale on the buff colored dial results in an easy to read meter, even when monitoring a row on a large console. The performance of the meter is based on the requirements of IEC 268-17.


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