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Zeta 50 Benchtop Analog Insulation Resistance Tester

Zeta 50 bench top analog insulation resistance tester is used for the non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, transformers, cables, or machinery from 10KW to 1TW and test voltages up to 5000V. Easy to read logarithmic display with three LED's.

Key Features and Specifications
Measurement Range: 10KΩ to 1TΩ
Test Voltage:
0 to 5000V
Measurement Voltage: 0 to 2000V
Frequency: 50Hz ±10Hz
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Power: AC or 6 "D" Cell Batteries
Includes: test leads and probes, carrying strap, test certificate, power cable
Accessories: crank generator, case, and rechargeable batteries

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