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1010 CL Rotary Scale Clamp Meter

1010 CL Rotary Scale Clamp Meter

SKU: 1010CL

● Rotary scale which presents only one scale in windows at one time to avoid any possible reading errors.
● Pointer lock function freezes the reading in dimly lit or hard to reach places.
● Ω range ideal for checking the continuity or relays, transformers and motor coils.
● TAUT BAND movement.

● AC A: 10/30/100/300/1000A ±3% of F.S.(50/60Hz).
● AC V: 150/300/750V ±3% of F.S.
● Ω: 2kΩ, ±3% of Scale length.
● Frequency response for ACA 6A: 50/60Hz.
● Frequency response for ACA 30/100/300/1000A: 50-400Hz.
● Conductor size: 52mm Max.
● Dimensions: 227(L) × 73(W) × 33(D)mm.
● Weight (battery Included): Approx. 460g.
● Accessories: Instruction manual, Test leads, Ohm test probe, Soft pouch.

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