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1506 IM Audio Impedance Tester

1506 IM Audio Impedance Tester

SKU: 1506IM

1506 IM Audio Impedance Tester - ideal for public address installation and maintenance. Measures: Speaker’s impedance, speaker lines (connected to load), transformer impedances. Helps to calculate and check audio power systems.
● Measuring ranges: 20Ω | 200Ω | 2kΩ.
● The tester measure with a frequency of 1kHz.
● Accuracy: ± 2.5% of full scale.
● Measuring system: Constant current inverter with 1kHz approx. 2mA.
● High quality Taut Band movement.
● Timer function for hands free use.
● Battery operated.
● Battery indicator.
● Dimensions: 163(L) × 100(W) × 50(D)mm.
● Weight (battery included): Approx. 420g.
● Power source: 1.5V (AA) × 6.
● Safety Standard: EN 61010-1 CAT II 100V

Accessories: Instruction manual, Test leads, Carry case, Batteries.

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