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17/3MM 2.5" DC Ammeter

17/3MM 2.5" DC Ammeter


Ruggedized 2.5" round analog panel DC Ammeter is designed for extreme duty applications where a high degree of resistance to the environment is required.
High current ammeter ranges with external shunt are available, as are special or non-standard ranges.

● Accuracy: ±2% full scale value.
● Resistance: ±20%.
● Movement: Pivot and Jewel or Taut Band.
● Dials: 90 and 100 degree arc, black lettering on white background.
● Pointer: Knife Edge.
● Case: Brass with Sealing Gaskets.
● Mounting: Surface mount.
● Dustproof and waterproof
● Meter Approvals: NEMA4 and ANSI C39.1.
● Custom ranges are available on request.
● Special dials are available with the following options: Additional Colors, Scales, Special Legends, Logo and Mirrors.
● Available with / without illumination.

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    Overview Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams

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