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181 CB Cable Tracer

181 CB Cable Tracer

SKU: 181CB

The Amplifier Probe is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation.
● Works with any Tone Generator to identify wires.
● Volume control for increased sensitivity and adjustable to suit work environment.
● Recessed ON/OFF button prevents battery drain.
● A phone jack is designed for headset or handset.

The Tone Generator is a great tool for locating and identifying cable pairs or individual conductors.
● 181 CB-G does not only serve as a tone generator, but also serves as a continuity and polarity tester.
● A tone selector switch located inside the unit for selection of the fast tone or the slow tone.
● The continuity function is only applied to Line 1.
● Two bi-colored LEDs for Line1 and Line2 indication of the polarities of the telephone lines.
● The unit has alligator type terminals, a modular cable of 4 conductors with a strong connector.

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    Specifications Documentation