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213HVD Capacitive High Voltage Detector (Contact)

213HVD Capacitive High Voltage Detector (Contact)

Family of rugged nylon capacitive high voltage detectors for testing out live electrical circuits.

  • Excellent shock resistance.

  • Rugged nylon moulding.

  • Auto on (when voltage detected).

  • Excellent drop resistance.

  • Good vibration resistance.

  • Loud sound alarm indication.

  • Built-in proving and self-test circuit.

  • High bright color-coded LEDS.

  • Works from standard 9V battery.

  • Interchangeable contact electrode.

  • Use in all whether conditions.

  • Compatible with all link sticks.

  • Lightweight, robust & compact.

  • Models available from 11kV to 132kV.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Self(auto on) or manual arming.

  • Easy access to batteries.

  • Customized threshold on demand.

  • Auto off (if no voltage detected).

  • Waterproof design, protection class: IP65.

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