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2330 LX Digital Light Meter

2330 LX Digital Light Meter

SKU: 2330LX

● Wide range for measurements up 40000 lux and 4000 fc.
● 0.01 lux and 0.001 fc resolution for accurate low light level measurements.
● Light sensor cover is included for preserving sensor life.
● Auto off function.
● Data hold function.
● Low battery indication.
● Over range indication.
● Auto-ranged.
● Manual-ranged.
● Calibration mode is provided.
● 9V battery system.
● Selection key for lux and fc.
● The spectral sensitivity close to CIE photopic curve.
● Ideal tool for workplace, clean-room and computer room light testing.
● Video, photographic, office, classroom, and architectural uses.

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    Specifications Documentation
    Specifications Documentation