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285 HD High Voltage Detector

285 HD High Voltage Detector

SKU: 285HD

The 285 HD High Voltage Detector is primary used to detect the presence of an alternation field. It shows identification of AC voltages. 285 HD has a large LCD that is housed in an ABS enclosure. 285 HD can be attached to the cable by a large metal clip and can be secured with a cable tie. The high voltage detector senses the radiated magnetic filed surrounding the cable and shows a LIVE warning sign on the LCD.
● Three different ranges of identification of AC voltage:
- 285-A HD: 3~7 kV
- 285-B HD: 6.6~11 kV
- 285-C HD: 10~22 kV.
● Large LCD will "flash continuously" for high voltage testing.
● Physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary when testing for live wires
● The 285 HD senses the radiated field that surrounds live conductors.
● Radiated field strength increases with voltage and decreases quickly with distance.
● Continuous monitoring.
● Easy to install. No batteries required.
● Weight: Approx. 80g.
● Safety standards: EN 61326-1. EN 55011. EN 61000-4-2. EN 61000-4-3.

Application: Identify and check live cables. Check live wires at high voltage.

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