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5036 3.5" AC Voltmeter Combo

5036 3.5" AC Voltmeter Combo

SKU: 5036-VAC-Combo

Take advantage of both an 3.5" AC Analog Voltmeter and 3.5 Digital Meter combined in one.
Fast, easy, two-wire connection allows to upgrade virtually any analog meter application.
Large, bright red LED display to monitor a wide variety of AC voltage, DC voltage, frequency ranges. Hour meters are available with LCD displays.
● Custom ranges are available on request.
● Special Dials are available with the following options: Additional Colors, Scales, Special Legends, Logo and Mirrors.

Analog Meter
● Accuracy: ±2% of full scale.
● Overload: 20% sustained.

Digital Meter
● Display: 0.37"/9.4mm digits; bright red LED.
● Sampling Rate: 2.5 readings/second.
● AC Voltage Accuracy: ±1V typical; ±2V maximum.
● AC Amperes Accuracy: ±1 Amp.
● AC Line Frequency Accuracy: ±0.1Hz; -25°C to +60°C.
● Hour Meter Accuracy: ±0.1% Hours, ±1 count.

Overview Documentation
Overview Documentation

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