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507 EL AC Analog Leakage Meter

507 EL AC Analog Leakage Meter

SKU: 507EL

AC Analog Leakage Meter designed to measure hazardous leakage currents from electrical appliances and other power-line operated equipment.
● AC Leakage Current: 0.3mA-1mA-3mA-10mA-30mA.
● AC Voltage: 0-150 | 0-300V.
● Optional for pivot or taut band movement.
● Compact and lightweight; easy to use and store.
● Mirror scale: for easier viewing & reading.
● Built-in stand makes reading and measuring easy.
● 200μA full scale value.
● Fuse-protected.
● Low battery indication.

● Motor operated appliances: washing machines, electrical pumps, lawn mowers, refrigerators, electric drills, electric fans, vending machine.
● Electro-thermal appliances: toasters, electric stoves, electric curling irons, hair dryers.
● Electronic appliances: microwave ranges, TV receivers, welding machines
● Light source appliances: projectors, duplicators, photographic enlargers
● Other appliances: portable generators, burglar alarms, medical and dental equipment

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    Specifications Documentation