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6237 DLRO Digital Low Resistance Ohm Meter

6237 DLRO Digital Low Resistance Ohm Meter


The 6237 DLRO is a "full feature professional instrument", which makes measurements by passing a constant current through the device under test (generally a conductor, contact or low resistance) and measuring the voltage across it. The Low Resistance is then calculated by ohm's law. This superb instrument is powered by rechargeable battery.

● Microprocessor-controlled.
● Measure down to 1μΩ.
● 6 ranges from 2.000mΩ to 200.0Ω.
● Maximum resolution of 1μΩ.
● Three test currents with over-temperature protection.
● Four terminal measurement.
● Protection against inadvertent connection to over-voltage. (crow bars for current and voltage)
● Clear & large LCD.
● Potential lead resistance and current lead resistance checks.
● "Full-featured” EnerSave™ Inside.
● EnerSave™ Auto-hold.
● EnerSave™ Auto-off.
● Rechargeable battery operated
● Robust & compact.
● Indicators show if reading may be invalid (RP, RC, and temperature).
● "O-Ring” sealed case.

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    Specifications Documentation
    Specifications Documentation