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681 4.5" AC Frequency Meter

681 4.5" AC Frequency Meter

SKU: 681-HZ

4.5" rectangular analog panel AC Frequency Meter is designed to meet industrial requirements and for other applications where phenolic and ABS case with glass fronts provides long service under adverse conditions.

● Range: 45-55Hz, 55-65Hz, 45-65Hz, 380-420Hz.
● Input: 120VAC, 240VAC, 480VAC.
● Accuracy: ±2% full scale value.
● Resistance: ±10%.
● Dials: 100 degree arc, black lettering on white background.
● Pointer: Knife Edge.
● Movement: AC Current Movement.
● Mounting: Specify (F) Flush or (S) Surface Mount.
● Case: Phenolic and ABS Plastic.
● Custom ranges are available on request.
● Special Dials are available with the following options: Additional Colors, Scales, Special Legends, Logo and Mirrors.
● Available with or without illumination.

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    Overview Documentation Diagrams
    Overview Documentation Diagrams

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