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Alpha EMDC Multifunction Digital DC Energy Meter

Alpha EMDC Multifunction Digital DC Energy Meter

Alpha EMDC is a Compact DC Energy Meter.specially designed to measure, display and communicate DC Voltage, Current, Power and Energy to monitor and control the target system

  • Ideal for monitoring and control applications and specially designed to measure, display, and communicate DC Voltage / Current.

  • Solar, battery charging, wind power, electro-plating, power distribution, and telecommunications applications.

  • Modbus communications, data-logging, and relay functions provide flexibility for both setup, notifications, and alarms.

  • Model: EMDC 6001 = Z, EMDC 6002 = A.

  • Input Voltage: 10-60VDC = V1, 61-200VDC = V2, 201-1000VDC = V3.

  • Power Supply: 60-300U = H.

  • RS 485 Modbus: Yes = R, No = Z.

  • Relay Output: 2 Relay Outputs = 2, 4 Relay Outputs = 4, Relay O/P = Z.


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Customization Options Documentation