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Analog Panel Meters

Hoyt carries an extensive offering of precision, high-performance analog panel meters to meet your unique requirements, including AC & DC Ammeters, Microammeters, Milliammeters, Millivoltmeters, Voltmeters, Frequency Meters, and Relays.

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Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. have been the standard for high quality American made precision panel meters since 1904.

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  • HLS-110 AC and DC Analog Panel Meter

    HLS-110 AC and DC Analog Panel Meter

    4.25" Switchboard, 4-Stud 4-40, Input Terminal Strip, Surface Mount, 250 Degree Arc, Pivot & Jewel, White Dial / Black Lettering, Black Airplane Pointer, Plastic Case, UL Listed. Choice in ranges available.
  • Yokogawa Switchboard Cross Reference

    Yokogawa Switchboard Cross Reference

    Looking for an easy way to cross reference your Yokogawa Switchboard PN? For example 103101FAFA? Use this Lookup Chart to find your Hoyt alternative solution.

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