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2100 Series

2100 Series

Hoyt 2100 Series of low profile, non-static phenolic and glass meters is especially suited for applications where plastic meters are unsuitable or where low, rectangular styling is a must. This series features a clean, uncluttered scale for excellent readability, smooth satin finish front and fast, two stud mounting. While shielded Accuring movement is standard in most ranges, these meters can be ordered with any Hoyt movement. Matching AC versions are available as rectifier type and VU models.

DC Ranges: Ammeter, Microammeter, Milliammeter, Voltmeter, Millivoltmeter.
AC Ranges: Ammeter, Milliammeter, Voltmeter, Motor Load Meter.
Special or non-standard ranges available. Custom dials, input and illumination available.

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