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HLS-96 Digital Synchroscope

HLS-96 Digital Synchroscope


● Nominal Input voltage: 120V AC or 240V AC.
● Overload: 1.25 × Nominal voltage.
● Frequency Range: 35-70 Hz.
● 24 LED circle slow/fast indicator (360° indication).
● Pointer LED: 15 degrees / LED.
● Square shape panel 96 x 96mm.
● PC window, ABS resin frame, PC case.
● Front panel mount.
● 24 LEDs in a circle display the phase angle and the frequency differences between 2 networks.
● Three bi-colored LED indicators for "SYNC", "GEN" and "BUS".
● Approvals: UL Listed.

BUS/GEN LED (Bi-colored) 120V: Green 108V-132V AC; Red <108V or >132V AC.
BUS/GEN LED (Bi-colored) 240V: Green 216V-264V AC; Red <216V or >264V AC.
SYNC LED (Bi-colored) Green: "GEN" and "BUS" are synchronized.
SYNC LED (Bi-colored) Red: "GEN" and "BUS" are not synchronized.

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    Overview Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams