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APM Simple Product Selector

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Model                 Power Supply                        Typical Applications
VOLT                   12-24VDC or VAC                    Measuring mains voltage, control panels, power supplies, etc. 

AMP                    12-24VDC or VAC                    Measuring AC & DC current directly up to 5A. Measuring AC current to 1000 amps using an external CT.

FREQ                   12-24VDC or VAC                    Measuring frequency and speed in mains or industrial applications.

PROC                  12-24VDC or VAC                     Process control applications using sensor (linear or non-linear). 

CT                        12-24VDC or VAC                    Measuring AC currents to 10,000A using an external CT.

SHUNT                12-24VDC                                  Measuring DC currents with a Shunt placed on the low side.

MAINS                 100-240VAC and 47-63HZ     Measuring mains current, voltage, or frequency while using AC power.                    

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