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Automation and Control

Hoyt carries an extensive offering of precision, high-performance automation and control tools for panel meters, data acquisitions, PLCs, and MHIs.

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Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. have been the standard for high quality American made precision panel meters since 1904.

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  • 720 Series AC Hour Meter

    Six figure display 9999.99 hrs (non-reset) models are completely sealed in a rugged steel housing; Ideal for tracking maintenance on industrial equipment in process plants or control panels; Readout: 0.19" (5mm) high, 99,999.9 (non-reset); Voltages: 115VAC (+- 10%), 60Hz; Power: 3 watts (max); Mounting: Panel (3-hole or metal clamp); Termination: 6" Wires; Approvals: UL Recognized, CE, RoHS; Options includes a chrome bezel and gasket Learn More
  • 722 Series AC Hour Meter

    The 722 Analog Hour Meter Series provides an AC Hour Meter with an operating range of 90-264VAC 50/60 Hz. You no longer require two separate meters, one for 115VAC and one for 230VAC. Models are available in the standard industry housings, 2-Hole Rectangular, Flush-Rectangular, Flush-Round and 3-Hole Round. Its quartz time base insures accurate long-term time keeping. Learn More
  • 731 Series DC Quartz Hour Meter

    Choose between a two-hole rectangular, flush mount round, or flush mount rectangular; Quartz controlled design provides reliability and accuracy; CE compliant, RoHS, and UL Recognized Learn More
  • 732 Series DC Hour Meter

    Round, Rectangular, Square; Available as a flush mount or through with a range of 10-80VDC; Models are protected for 2x battery voltage and or reverse polarity; Features a totally sealed case and are NEMA 4X when mounted with the gasket; A quartz based time base ensures accuracy over the life of the meter; UL Recognized, CE Compliant, and meet RoHS Learn More
  • Alpha EMDC Multifunction DC Energy Meter

    Ideal for monitoring and control applications and specially designed to measure, display, and communicate DC Voltage / Current; Solar, battery charging, wind power, electro-plating, power distribution, and telecommunications applications; Modbus communications, data-logging, and relay functions provide flexibility for both setup, notifications, and alarms. Learn More
  • APM MAX Meter

    The APM-MAX is our largest APM yet at 108mm x 108mm [4.25″ x 4.25″]. A programmable digital panel meter specifically designed for the effective display and monitoring of power, it is configurable to measure voltage, current, watts or frequency. Learn More
  • DKM-411 Power Analyzer with Internet Communication

    The DKM-144 Datakom Power Analyzer is an advanced precision metering device. UL Listed. 3.5" size, 320 x 240 pixel color TFT; Unrivaled remote monitoring capabilities over the internet; Unit is a webpage and can be opened through any browser for remote monitoring; Allows for the monitoring of thousands of meters from one central PC Learn More
  • HLS-110 Digital Switchboard AC Synchroscope Panel Meter

    Ideal tool for synchronizing the phase angle and frequency between two electrical networks. 4.25" Switchboard; Nominal Input Voltage: Choice in 120VAC or 240VAC; Frequency Range: 35-70Hz; Scale: Slow / Fast indicated with 24 LEDs in a circular pattern; Learn More
  • Hoyt 100 Amp Alternator Current Indicator DC Ammeter

    Tests the output of most vehicle alternators including truck generators. The dial is calibrated from 0 to 100 amps on both sides of zero in 10 amp increments. The metal channel on the rear of the meter is placed over the output of the wire. It's that easy to use, no direct connections. Made in the USA. Learn More
  • M850 MultiPower Multifunction AC DC Digital Power Meter

    Measures: Line Voltage, Current, System Frequency, VA Demands, System W, A, and VA Maximum Demands, System Active Power, System Reactive Power, Apparent Power, System Active Energy, and System Power Factor; Auxiliary Universal Power Supply for both DC and AC Volts; Pulsed Outputs; Communicate with up to 32 other meters or controllers on 2-wire bus; UL Listed. Learn More

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