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CPT3 Control Power Transformer

CPT3 Control Power Transformer


Industrial Control Power Transformer, medium voltage, for indoor use.
● Accuracy: ±1% at 100 VA .
● Frequency: 60 Hz.
● Insulation Level: 5 kV, 60 kV BIL full wave.
● Approximate weight: 22 lbs.
● Fuse diameter is 0.81 inches. Higher fuse ratings available at users option.
● The transformer winding is vacuum encapsulated in a polyurethane resin.
● Plated steel mounting base is removable.
● Can be mounted with base as shown, with base rotated 90 degrees, or without a base.

Application: To provide control power in distribution equipment and motor starters. May also be used for indicating and recording voltmeters.

Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams
Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams