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Customer Testimonials

The key to any successful company is listening to the customer and continuously improving from the feedback. Since women tend to be more patient and listen carefully the Meter Mam is here to gather your feedback. We don't care if it's negative or positive. Feel free to add a review on any our products or share your thoughts on delivery, quality, pricing, etc.. 

Meter Mam

Company: Integrated Fuel 

Customer: Mich 

Application: Measuring Tank Level (Standby Fuel in Gallons)

Product: Analog Panel Meter 250-20

Comments: "The 250 degree movement and rock solid design has proven to be just the product for my application." "They even created a custom scale just for Integrated Fuel."

Company: Raritran Marine 

Customer: Dale Nichols

Application: Marine (Rudder Angle Indicator)

Product: Analog Panel Meter 250-375

Comments: "Your company has achieved a Highly Recommended Status". "Thanks to all who have worked so hard to achieve this ranking".

Company: 3M

Customer: Paul Leeke

Application: Cable Locators for Telephone Lines

Product: Analog Panel Meter 2025

Comments: "Certificate of Appreciation - Achievement of shipping defect-free material to our plant for the fourth quarter".

Company: Markline Technologies

Customer: Mark Higgins

Application: ELumination Product Design 

Product(s): 3000 Series, 5000 Series

Comments: Top Ten Product Award at the HOAC-ERA Show

Company: The White House - Washington

Customer: George Bush

Application: N/A

Product(s): All

Comments: "I send greetings and congratulations to the employess of Hoyt Instrument Works as you celebrate your company's 100th anniversary. This milestone provides an opportunity to take pride in your accomplishments. Your years of service are a tribute to the entrepreneurial of American and inspire others to reach for the American Dream".

Company: Independent - Vehicle Restoration

Customer: Joe Scott

Application: Automotive

Product(s): 1930 Analog Meter Line

Comments: "It is a rare event to see a 100+ year old company continuously in the same business. It takes allot of work and continual reinventing for a company to match changing markets and competitors for more than a century."

Company: Ludlum

Customer: Sylvia Banks

Application: Health Phyics

Product(s): Analog Meter Tops and Spare Parts

Comments: "I wish some of our other vendors were as efficient as you."

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