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Analog Panel Meters

HA-212 Series Datasheet
5025 5026 Datasheet
5035 5036 Datasheet
250 Series Datasheet
3135-2 and 3136-2 Datasheet
731 DC Quartz Hour Meter Series
720 Series AC Hour Meter Datasheet
ST-2000 Portable Analog Multimeter Series Datasheet
H722 Datasheet
5015 and 5016 Datasheet
3115 and 3116 Datasheet
HA-312 Series Datasheet
2145 and 2146 Datasheet
2135 and 2136 Datasheet
2060 and 2061 Datasheet
2045 and 2046 Datasheet
2035 and 2036 Datasheet
2025 and 2026 Datasheet
2018 Datasheet
250-20 Datasheet
250-30 Datasheet
3125 and 3126 Datasheet
3145 and 3146 Datasheet
250-45 Datasheet
4025 and 4026 Datasheet
4035 and 4036 Datasheet
4045 and 4046 Datasheet
2735 and 2736 Datasheet
250-375 Datasheet
635 and 636 Datasheet
597 and 598 Datasheet
582MM and 584MM Datasheet
300 and 500 Elapsed Time Datasheet
HSDG Series Datasheet
HSDGL Datasheet
HSDS Datasheet
HSDE Datasheet
HSDSL Datasheet
HST-100 Datasheet
HST-110 Datasheet
HST-118 Datasheet
HST-66 Datasheet
HST-670 Datasheet
HST-96 Datasheet
HST-72 Datasheet
HLS-80 Datasheet
HLS-110 Datasheet
NRC-120 Series Datasheet
6351 Datasheet
680, 681, 647, 648 Datasheet
HST-70U Datasheet
HLS-96 Datasheet
Hoyt Terminal Resistance - Analog Panel Meters
Analog Meter Terminal Cover Kit Datasheet
TEM-42E and 45E Datasheet
5036 Combo Datasheet
CK-256 Datasheet
Hoyt Analog Meter Movements Datasheet
CK-150 Datasheet
CK-160 Datasheet
CK-900 Series Datasheet
HST-125N-TB Datasheet
HV Series Datasheet
HC Series Datasheet
HST-94N-TB Datasheet
HST-75N-TB Datasheet
HST-125 Dimensional Drawing
HST-57 Series Datasheet
HLS-110DI Two Vue Datasheet
250-320 Datasheet
HLS-110 Synchroscope Datasheet
Vintage Audio VU Series Datasheet
HKW-40 Datasheet
Moving Magnet 825_826_799_640_693_793M_795 Datasheet
17/3MM and 552MM Datasheet
HST-90U Datasheet
6351 and 6352 Datasheet
HST-78 Datasheet
HST-125 Datasheet
HST-94 Datasheet
HST-75 Datasheet
GT-18 Datasheet
673S Datasheet
685 Datasheet
Industrial Round Metal Series 17/3_552_17-L_560_570_580_574_617 Datasheet
H732 Datasheet
Industrial Round Phenolic Series 17/3_552_583_584 Datasheet
Yokogawa Big Look PN Cross Reference
3135 and 3136 Datasheet
Hoyt VU Series Datasheet
Hoyt 1990 Panel Meter Comparison Reference
2025-40VDC-40VDC Datasheet (NSN: 6625-00-903-7828)
2025-5ADC-5ADC Datasheet (NSN: 6625-00-903-7840)
HST-90U Datasheet (NSN: 6625-01-508-4465)
HLS Switchboard Series Installation Reference Guide
HST-90U Datasheet (NSN: 6625-01-508-4477)

Digital Panel Meters

NA5 Datasheet
NA3 Datasheet
NA6 Datasheet
N30H Datasheet
Beta Hz Datasheet
Beta G1 Datasheet
AMP Volts Amps Frequency Datasheet
HLPI-1T Datasheet
N30P Datasheet
HLPI-3E Datasheet
N30O Datasheet
N30U Datasheet
N27P Datasheet
APM CT Datasheet
H7M Series Datasheet
APM Mains Datasheet
Beta G2 Datasheet
HDMO-7 Datasheet
H4W and H4S Datasheet
HLPI-4-XEC Datasheet
HDMO-8 Datasheet
H5F/P Datasheet
H6M Datasheet
H965 Datasheet
HDMO-5 Datasheet
Alpha 70A+ Datasheet
Alpha 20A+ Datasheet
HDMO-800 Datasheet
Alpha 50A+ Datasheet
Alpha 30A+ Datasheet
HDLA Datasheet
Alpha 40A+ Datasheet
HBDR Datasheet
HLPI-J1 Datasheet
HLPI-F Datasheet
EMDC Multifunction DC Energy Meter
HVPI-24 Datasheet
HVPI-800 Datasheet
Selec MFM384 Datasheet
Selec EM368 Energy Meter Datasheet
HLPI-3X Datasheet
Selec MV15 Voltmeter Datasheet
Selec MFM383A Datasheet
HDMO-9 Datasheet
MP14 Digital Power Factor Meter Datasheet
Selec VAF36A Digital Voltage, Current, and Frequency Panel Meter
DLA20-ACA Datasheet
DLA20-DCA Datasheet
DLA20-LM Datasheet
DLA20-DCM Datasheet
HDMO-3X-XEC Datasheet
HLPI-800 Datasheet
HDMO-6 Datasheet
HLPI-3EW Datasheet
300 and 500 Elapsed Time Datasheet
HVPI-4-XEC Datasheet
DMC-30 Series Datasheet
HLPI-4EW Datasheet
APM Shunt Meter Datasheet
DLA-30-DCV-200 Datasheet
DLA-30-DCA-200-100 Datasheet
582MM-HRD Datasheet
17-3MM-HRD Dimensional Drawing
959 and 969 LCD Digital Panel Meter Datasheet
Alpha 20 Datasheet
Alpha 30 Datasheet

Current Transformers

2SFT Datasheet
2RL Datasheet
5RL Datasheet
5SFT Datasheet
6RL Datasheet
6SFT Datasheet
7RL Datasheet
7SFT Datasheet
8RL Datasheet
8SHT Datasheet
781MR Datasheet
1000:1 CT Datasheet
1SP Datasheet
5SP Datasheet
3SP Datasheet
3775FSH Datasheet
4011FSH Datasheet
WP5 Datasheet
WP200 Datasheet
BZCT Series Datasheet

Voltage Transformers

PTG4 Datasheet
PTG3 Datasheet
PTW3 Datasheet
CPT3 Datasheet
PTW5 Datasheet
PTG5 Datasheet
460 Datasheet
3PTN150 Datasheet

Personal Safety & Voltage Detectors

PD-40AM Datasheet
HHS-175 Datasheet
H277HP Datasheet
2713PU Datasheet
H286SVD Datasheet
H276HD and H276SHD Datasheet
50MDPK Datasheet
H1026AH Datasheet
H230HD and H290HD Datasheet
H288SVD Datasheet
HPD-20 Series Datasheet
HPC Series Datasheet

Test Equipment

1810 ELCB Tester Datasheet


Theta 60R Datasheet
Theta 10A 10V Datasheet
Theta 20A/20V Datasheet
Theta 30P Datasheet
Theta Hz Datasheet
Theta 50 Datasheet
Theta 40 Datasheet
Theta 60M Datasheet
Type M Busbar Shunt Datasheet
Type LC Base Mounted Switchboard Shunt
Type LB Base Mounted Shunt Datasheet
Type LA Shunt Datasheet
Type V Switchboard Shunt Datasheet
Zeta 20 Datasheet
Zeta 30 Datasheet
Zeta 50 Datasheet
HRS Series Shunt Datasheet

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