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Digital Panel Meters

Hoyt carries an extensive offering of precision, high-performance digital panel meters to meet your unique requirements, including Ammeters, Microammeters, Milliammeters, Millivoltmeters, Voltmeters, Hour Meters, and Synchroscopes.

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Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. have been the standard for high quality American made precision panel meters since 1904.

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  • HLS-110 Digital Switchboard AC Synchroscope Panel Meter

    HLS-110 Digital Switchboard AC Synchroscope Panel Meter

    Ideal tool for synchronizing the phase angle and frequency between two electrical networks. 4.25" Switchboard; Nominal Input Voltage: Choice in 120VAC or 240VAC; Overload: 1.25 x Nominal Voltage; Frequency Range: 35-70Hz; Scale: Slow / Fast indicated with 24 LEDs in a circular pattern; Pointer LED: ...

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