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APM Custom Digital CT Meter

APM Custom Digital CT Meter

CT Meter for AC current measurement when using Current Transformers. Easy to Use - Easy to Read.
When used with an external current transformer, it can accurately measure up to 10,000 amps.
Featuring an acclaimed easy-to-read display, combined with easy-to-use programming software and a high resolution input, the CT Meter is the newest addition to the Advanced Panel Meter (APM) product group to measure current.

  • 72MM x 72MM.

  • Reduced input range of 0-5AAC specifically designed for external current transformers.

  • Unique customization of the range, scale, and annunciators.

  • User preference in display range (min/max values), backlight color, two alarm set-points, and analog outputs.

  • Provides a range of features, such as alarm set-points and three color dynamic backlighting.

  • The customizable four-character message display and scalability enable users to tailor the meter to display critical parameters to their desired specifications.

  • The set-points, coupled with the backlighting allows operators to be visually alerted when a parameter is out of range. The two outputs can be used to connect the APM to other systems in the process.

  • Install the FREE Software App and plug the gauge into any USB port on your PC

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Specifications Customization Options Documentation
Specifications Customization Options Documentation