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H276S HD High Voltage Detector

H276S HD High Voltage Detector

SKU: H276S

The 276S HD High Voltage Detector detects the presence of voltage in AC lines. Elongated insulation rods permit checking high-tension circuits from a safe working distance. The unitt is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are also capable of voltage detection in low-tension circuits.
● High voltage and Low voltage detection.
● Telescopic, compact, lightweight.
● Sections: 4.
● Self-test button.
● Easy-to-recognize indication.
● Waterproof.
● Working voltage: H.V.- 3kV~24kV AC / L.V.- 80V~600V AC.
● Overall length: Retracted - 255±30mm / Extended - 870±30mm.
● Operating temperature and humidity: 0°C~40°C Max: 80%.
● Weight (battery included): 150g.
● Power source: CR 2032 (3V) x 1.
● Safety standards: EN 61010-1

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