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H277HP High Voltage Non-Contact Voltage Detector

H277HP High Voltage Non-Contact Voltage Detector

The H277HP is an ideal tool for checking the presence of AC high voltages and AC low voltages in cables, wall outlets, fuses, etc. It can be used for non-contact detection of AC voltages from 50V-132kV. The wide operating range also makes it a valuable tool for industrial, utility, and mine safety applications.

  • 2 Ranges: Low (50V-1.5kV) and High (1.5kV-132kV).

  • Power Consumption: Off (5uA), Low (40mA), High (40mA).

  • Circuit Test:Function to verify device is working before testing actual high voltage.

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C Weight: 227 grams.

  • Power Source: 9V Alkaline Battery.

  • Accessories: Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, Battery Safety.

  • Standards: EN 61326-1, EN-61000-4-2, EN-61000-4-3.

  • Warranty: Two Years.

  • Optional Accessories: HHS-175 Telescopic Hot Stick (triangle design).

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Documentation Publications & Videos