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H286SVD Personal High Voltage Detector

H286SVD Personal High Voltage Detector

The H286SVD will alert personnel that high voltage or live equipment is radiating voltage with a high volume buzzer and led that varies based on the sensed voltages. It provides power & electric, engineering, firefighting, and instrument technicians with an added level of safety when approaching high voltage. The unit includes a self test feature and elastic band which can be adjusted to be worn around the arm or hard hat.

  • Range: 110 to 11.4kV.

  • Frequency:  50/60 Hz.

  • Volume: 70dB or higher.

  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 45°C.

  • Battery: CR2032.

  • Battery Life: 50 hours (Continuous Use).

  • Product Warranty: Two Years.

  • Included Accessories: Band, Bracket, Instruction Manual, Battery.

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