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H286 SVD Personal Safety Voltage Detector

H286 SVD Personal Safety Voltage Detector


H286 SVD is a sensor for sensing AC High Voltage. It provides electric engineering personnel, power engineering personnel, firefighting personnel and instrument equipment workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage projects.
● Waterproof design, protection class: IP68.
● Able to sense all kinds of AC high voltage system.
● Compact, easy-to-wear and convenient to use.
● Indoor and outdoor use.
● Equipped with self-testing functions.
● Low power consumption.
● Distance of starting warning: 80cm for 11.4KV (phase to ground).
● Applicable frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
● Volume: 70dB or higher at 1 meter distance.
● Battery life: 50 hours for continuous use.
● Power source: CR2032 x 1.
● Operating Temp & Humidity: 0°C - 40°C / 80% RH.
● Dimensions: 59(L) x 56(W) x18(D) mm.
● Weight: Approx. 35g (battery included).
● Safety standards: EN 61326-1.

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    Overview Documentation