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HLS-96 DC Voltmeter

HLS-96 DC Voltmeter


96mm DC Voltmeter with pointer indicator and long scale that is easy to read from a distance.
● Accuracy: Class 1.5
● For ranges higher than 300V DC, use external Volt Divider with a 1mA Voltmeter.
● Composition: Glass window, ABS resin frame and case, PC glass fiber mounting fitting included.
● Color: Black base and frame, white scale plate and meter body.
● Dials: 250 degree arc, black lettering on white background.
● Pointer: Stick shape in black color.
● Mounting: Surface Mount.

Applications: Power engineering systems, power plants, switch and test rooms. Can be built in switchboards, measuring desks and electrical equipment.

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    Overview Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams