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Hoyt History

Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works Inc. has been manufacturing in Penacook NH since 1904 but did you know Hoyt’s founding father Adrian Hazen Hoyt did not start out manufacturing electrical instrumentation? Hoyt was born in 1862 in Magog a Province of Quebec where he attended the grammar schools and the business college of Davis and Dewie in Montreal. He was also a 1887 graduate of Dartmouth College, with the degree of M.D.

Hoyt started his own practice in Magog but finding it not congenial to his bent of mind; so he relocated to St. Johnsbury, Vt. where he entered the employ of the Standard Electric Company. This is where Hoyt learned of his love for electricity and a year and a half later he moved to Manchester NH, where he engaged in electrical experimental work for several years. A number of these devices were used in the construction of automobiles, in which Dr. Hoyt had always taken a deep interest in, he was also one of the first in America to make practical use of the X-ray.

In 1880 he accepted the position of manager of the Whitney Electrical Instrument Company and by 1888 Whitney was building ornate, brass cased station meters. Whitney then moved from Manchester to Penacook NH in 1892. When the company moved to Penacook Hoyt followed establishing a residence and continued as superintendent and manager of the company, filling those positions until early 1900 where he built and engaged in business for himself.  He erected a shop that employed a number of mechanics in the manufacturing of automobiles and electrical instrumentation, where he was manufacturing his own line of well known “direct reading” meters. At this time Dr. Hoyt began to build his steam cars at his American Manufacturing Company in Penacook.

Dr. Hoyt owned the first automobile in New Hampshire and was one of the founders of the New Hampshire Automobile Club in 1900. In total Hoyt built and designed six electric and five steam cars, during this time Adrian Hoyt secured a 10-year local tax exemption for his auto-making and hoped to employ 150-250 men and make three cars a day. A few days later he would drive one of his cars through downtown Concord, the capital of NH, to show how efficiently a car could deliver the mail.  Hoyt also had one of the first car dealerships that serviced customers from New England to as far North as Montreal Canada. Frequent visitors of his manufacturing plant and dealership included his longtime friend Henry Ford, the dealership closed in 1912.

Hoyt Auto

The car manufacturing business never takes off for Hoyt, however at this time an electrical metering competitors offered Hoyt so much money to sell his company and his line of direct reading meters that Adrian Hoyt decided that there must be more to the business than he realized and he decided to stay and compete.

In 1904, Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works Inc. was established; the original Hoyt building was replaced in the 1970’s when Hoyt put up a modern 30,000 sq. ft., building that is still in business today. Dr. Hoyt secured twenty-five or more patents on electrical measuring instruments and scientific apparatus. He was also the inventor of the alternating current ammeter. Dr. Hoyt displayed the energy and enthusiasm in his industrial employment and in inventing and since his creation of Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works in 1904, Hoyt and its employees have lived by the rule that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Today that rule is still honored and practiced by incorporating that quality into every product we sell. From the founding fathers who have manufactured meters since 1890 to the skilled production workers in our plant today Hoyt people apply their special skills and talents to supply standard and custom meters that meet and exceed industry specifications.

Today, the Hoyt family is still a vital part of the business. It is owned and operated by the 4th Generation Hoyt Family (Andy, Dudley, Jeffrey, and Robin). 

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