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HPC-22k HV Multifunction Phasing Sticks

HPC-22k HV Multifunction Phasing Sticks


All-in-one: a Phase Comparator with color coded scale indication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication and a Scaled Voltmeter. Lightweight, robust & compact. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Grounded or ungrounded systems.
● No user’s assembled parts.
● Dual color-coded scale (%, Vac).
● Measure and test phase to earth.
● Measure phase to phase. Compare between phases.
● High quality fiberglass wound rod.
● Self powered operation. No battery required.
● DC version available.
● Hi immunity to interference fields.

System voltage - 22kV, Full scale voltage - 24kV, Maximum voltage - 30kV.
● Total resistance 10.82MΩ.
● Response time <1Sec.
● Neon indicator when >1200Vac.
● Neon lit fully @ 1.5kV.
● Current is limited to ±1 milli-ampere.
● Operating Temperature / Humidity: -25°C to + 50°C / 20 to 96% R.H..
● Total length: 1.275m. (of handle - 775mm. Front-end - 500mm.)
● Total weight 2.2kg.
● Safety Standard: IEC 61481.
● Carry case included.

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