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LVD-415 OverHead Lines Contact Voltage & Low Voltage Indicator

LVD-415 OverHead Lines Contact Voltage & Low Voltage Indicator


LVD-415 (Double Check) is a Visual Voltmeter with a Neon Lights scale which lit proportionally to the voltage between the sticks, it also a Detector with bright Led and loud Sound indication on each side.
Maximum Rating between Poles: 450V. Category: IV.
● No batteries required.
● Every circuit is doubled.
● Led indicates & Buzzer indicates voltage detected.
● Neon scale indicates voltage.
● Dual HBC fuses.
● High grade super polished fiber glass probes.
● High strength connecting cord.
● Heavy duty rated.
● Replaceable tips. Choice of tips available.
● Lightweight. Small storage space.
● Strong strength reliefs.
● Double poles non-polarized.
● Suitable for 45 to 70 Hz networks.
● Contact detector type.
● Passive circuitry.
● Fiber glass 1.6mm - CU 35um PCB.
● Super bright neon lights and LEDs.
● Ergonomically-designed.

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    Specifications Documentation
    Specifications Documentation