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M850 MultiPower Multifunction AC DC Digital Power Meter

M850 MultiPower Multifunction AC DC Digital Power Meter

SKU: M850
Available in two variants (see Documentation tab):
- M850-LDD is a multifunction power meter measuring all DC parameters,
- M850-LCD is a MultiPower metering system for AC applications.

  • 96mm x 96mm DIN Panel-mount Case.

  • Measures: Line Voltage, Current, System Frequency, VA Demands, System W, A, and VA Maximum Demands, System Active Power, System Reactive Power, Apparent Power, System Active Energy, and System Power Factor.

  • Auxiliary Universal Power Supply for both DC and AC Volts.

  • Pulsed Outputs.

  • RS-485 for MODBUS RTU and BACnet MS/TP communications protocols for use with PC, PLC, RTU, Data Loggers, and SCADA programs.

  • Communicate with up to 32 other meters or controllers on 2-wire bus.

  • Four easy to access front control buttons to scroll up or down through the parameters

  • User selectable 3 color backlighting options: blue, green, or white

  • UL Listed.

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    Customization Options Specifications Documentation