Hoyt Meter full custom in house capability allows us to build, customize, and stock metering for your manufacture or replacement needs. We Offer:
• Direct Cross to fit your application
• Customizable options
• Custom printed dials
• Drop in replacements to Yokogawa, Triplett, Beede, Crompton, Jewel and more
• Competitive prices
• Committed to customer satisfaction.

APM 250 Series

Analog Panel Meters 250 Series - Ideal for harsh conditions where vibration is a concern. Utilize a highly damped, spring loaded pivot and jewel movement with mechanical interlocking to develop high torque. The meters are desirable for the following applications: Emergency Vehicles, Marine Instrumentation, Speed (RPM), Pressure and Flow, Pyrometers,  Diesel and Gas Instrumentations.

250-20 DC Analog Panel Meter, 2"
250-30 DC Analog Panel Meter, 3.5"
250-375 DC Analog Panel Meter, 3.375"
250-45 DC Analog Panel Meter, 4.5"

APM HST-70U, HST-90U, HST-123U

HST-70U AC or DC Analog Panel Meter
HST-90U AC or DC Analog Panel Meter
HST-123U AC or DC Analog Panel Meter

APM HST-75, HST-94, HST-125

HST-75 AC or DC Analog Panel Meter
HST-94 AC or DC Analog Panel Meter
HST-125 AC or DC Analog Panel Meter

APM HST-72, HST-96

HST-72 and HST-96 meters are used for measuring the active and reactive power of AC single and threephase networks. They are primarily built in switchboards and electric devices.

HST-72 AC or DC Analog Panel Meter, 72mm
HST-96 AC or DC Analog Panel Meter, 96mm


AC / DC Analog Panel Meter - wide Angle Scale Instrument, easy to read long-scale and pointer-indications can easily be read from a distance; UL listed, CE compliant.

HLS-110 Meter

Industrial Phenolic Series

The Meters are made of high quality abs for those rugged applications. This series was designed to meet industrial requirements where rugged phenolic cases with glass fronts provide long service under adverse conditions.

Industrial Phenolic Series