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PTG3 Indoor Medium Voltage Transformer

PTG3 Indoor Medium Voltage Transformer


● Accuracy Class:
0.3 WXMY, 1.2 Z at 100% rated voltage with 120V based ANSI burden.
0.6 WX, 1.2 MY at 58% rated voltage with 69.3V based ANSI burden.
● Frequency: 60 Hz.
● Maximum System Voltage: 5.6 kV, BIL 60 kV.
● Thermal Rating: 750 VA 30°C amb. | 500 VA 55°C amb.
● Approximate weight 34 lbs. unfused.
● The core and coil assembly is encased in a plastic enclosure and vacuum encapsulated in polyurethane resin.
● Thermal burden rating is for 120V secondaries and the unit has a plated steel mounting base.
● No fuse or fuse clip is provided, but inserts for fuse clips are supplied.

Choose from the PTG3-1-60 (One bushing) or the PTG3-2-60 (Two bushing).

Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams
Ordering Info Documentation Diagrams