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PTG4 Series Indoor Medium Voltage Transformer

PTG4 Series Indoor Medium Voltage Transformer

Models PTG4-1-75 and PTG4-2-75.
Products are manufactured in a plant whose quality management system is certified / registered as being in conformity with ISO 9001.

  • Voltage ratios from 4200V to 12000V (medium voltage)

  • Primary terminals that are fused are 1/4-20 brass screws with one flat washer, lockwasher and two nuts

  • Secondary terminals are No. 10-32 brass screws with one flat washer and lockwasher

  • Thermal burden rating is 120V secondaries and the unit includes a plated steel mounting base

  • Fuses have 1.63″ diameter caps and 11.50″ clip centers

  • Choose between the PTG4-1-75 series (one bushing) or the PTG4-2-75 series (two bushing)

  • Core and coil assembly is vacuum encapsulated in polyurethane resin

  • Tested for partial discharge to Canadian Standards (CAN-3-C13-M83)


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Documentation Diagrams
Documentation Diagrams