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HST-2000W Wattmeter

HST-2000W Wattmeter

SKU: HST-2000W

HST-2000W Portable Analog Wattmeter is highly reliable, and designed for use in laboratories or factories for precision measurement of power at AC and commercial frequencies 45-65Hz.
- Principle: Electrodynamometer type.
- Case Material: Bakelite with glass window.
- Accuracy: ±0.5% of full scale.
- Scale Length: Approx. 135mm(5-3/8”).
- Scale Divisions: 120.
- Frequency Ranges:
AC 25 to 1000Hz (COSØ=1.0) (suitable for DC),
AC 25 to 500Hz (COSØ=0.2).

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    Overview Ordering Info Documentation