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ST-3502 Analog + Digital Multimeter

ST-3502 Analog + Digital Multimeter

SKU: ST-3502

● 3½ digit, high contrast LCD, with a maximum display of 1999
● Automatic polarity indication, zero adjustment
● Low battery (BAT) indication
● Over range indication: highest digit of (1) or (-1)
● EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V, EN 61326-1.

Analog display
● Large 90º wide and 84mm long mirror scale. (adapted to digital, analogue maximum indication 2400).
● Shock and vibration resistant TAUT BAND movement.
● Pointer can be selected to either left-hand zero (normal mode) or center zero (galvo-mode).
● In galvo-mode pointer deflects right to indicate positive polarity and left to indicate negative polarity.
● Automatic center zero and ohm zero.
● Dimensions: 175(L) × 109(W) × 44(D)mm.

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    Specifications Documentation
    Specifications Documentation