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TEL1-1 ELCB Tester (110V)

TEL1-1 ELCB Tester (110V)


The TEL1 is the Basic Test Equipment an Electrician cannot do without. TEL1 is a Dual Function Test Instrument utilized to Verify Electrical Wiring Connections and the Functioning of Earth Leakage / Residual Current Detectors devices by forcing the ELCB/RCD to trip.
● Nominal Voltage System: 110V-220V-230V-240Vac.
● System Voltage Frequency: 50-60Hz.
● Wiring Check Accuracy: Table Valid for Voltage within 5% of nominal voltage. If voltage differs from Nominal Voltage System by more than 5%, table may be incorrect.
● Earth / Ground Current Simulator Accuracy: Current is set by Selected Resistors and therefore Proportional to Voltage. Resistance Accuracy is 10% Maximum.
● Overall Rating: Intermittent Rated (Press TEST Shortly). DO NOT KEEP PRESSING TEST.
● Resistance Rating: Current Injection System uses Resistors which are Not Continuously Rated.
● Case Material: ABS.
● Safety Standard: EN 61010-1. EN 61326-1.

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