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TEM-42E 2.5" DC Voltmeter

TEM-42E 2.5" DC Voltmeter


2.5" edgewise analog panel DC Voltmeter without any barrel projection. Compact, require a minimum of panel space and has an attractive appearance.
The unique D’Arsonal mechanism provides 2% accuracy with either vertical or horizontal mounting.

● Accuracy: ±2% full scale value.
● Resistance: ±15%.
● Movement: Pivot and Jewel.
● Case: Lexan.
● Dials: Black lettering on white background.
● Pointer: Knife Edge.
● Mounting: Panel Mount with Bezel (Horizontal/Vertical).
● Special resistance, accuracy, pointers and ranges available.
● Meter Approvals: ANSI C39.1.

Overview Documentation Diagrams
Overview Documentation Diagrams