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2960 CL True RMS AC Clamp Meter

2960 CL True RMS AC Clamp Meter

SKU: 2960CL

● True RMS measurement AC Clamp Meter with DCV function.
● Pocket size.
● 4000 counts.
● Full automatic Voltage, Current & Resistor measurement.
● Data hold function.
● Continuity check.
● Diode measurement.
● Select function.
● Low battery indication: Sign appears on the display.
● Auto off function.
● Flashlight (Auto off in 1 minute).
● Re-power on by pushing any of the push buttons or by changing the rotary switch mode after auto power off.

● ACA: 40A. 400A. 1000A.
- Resolution: 0.01A. 0.1A/1A.
- Accuracy (40~200Hz): ±(3.0%rdg+5dgt).
- Range 1200A. Resolution: 1A. Accuracy: ±(2.5%rdg+4dgt).
● AC Voltage: 4V. 40V. 400V. 750V.
- Resolution: 1mV. 10mV. 100mV. 1V.
- Accuracy (40~500Hz): ±(1.5%rdg+10mV) for 4V. ±(1.5%rdg+5dgt) for 40V-750V.
● DC Voltage: 4V. 40V. 400V. 1000V.
- Resolution: 1mV. 10mV. 100mV. 1V.
- Accuracy: ±(1.0%rdg+5dgt).
● Resistance: 400Ω. 4kΩ. 40kΩ. 400kΩ. 4MΩ. 40MΩ.
- Resolution: 0.1Ω. 1Ω. 10Ω. 100Ω. 1kΩ. 10kΩ.
- Accuracy: ±(1.5%rdg+3dgt) for 400Ω-4MΩ. ±(2.0%rdg+4dgt) for 40MΩ.
● Continuity Test: 400Ω. Audible threshold: < 25Ω.
● Overload Protection: ACV 750Vrms. DCV 1000V. Diode & ohm 250Vrms.
● Conductor size: 35mm Max.
● Response time: Approx. 2 times per second.
● Operating / Storage temp. & humidity: 0º~40ºC/ 0º~50ºC / 80% Max.
● Power source: CR 2032 (DC 3V) × 1.
● Battery life: Approx.100 hours on continuous use.
● Dimensions: 183(L) × 62(W) × 20(D)mm.
● Weight (battery Included): Approx. 124g.
● Safety Standard: EN 61010-1 CAT II 600V CAT III 300V. EN 61326-1. EN 61010-2-32.

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