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RCB-1 Resistor Calibration Box

RCB-1 Resistor Calibration Box


The RCB-1 is used to verify and proof any High Voltage Insulation Testers. It can be utilized to calibrate all High Voltage Insulation Testers very accurately Analogs or Digitals.

19 Resistance ranges (Ω) 1M to 500G: 1M. 2M. 7M. 10M. 20M. 30M. 50M. 100M. 200M. 500M. 1G. 2G. 5G. 10G. 20G. 50G. 100G. 200G. 500G.
● Resistance tolerances: ±1%(F).
● Tolerance ± 25ppm/°C: 1MΩ. 2MΩ. 7MΩ. 10MΩ. 20MΩ. 30MΩ. 50MΩ. 100MΩ. 200MΩ. 500MΩ.
● Tolerance ± 100ppm/°C: 1GΩ. 2GΩ.
● Tolerance ± 200ppm/°C: 5GΩ. 10GΩ. 20GΩ. 50GΩ. 100GΩ.
● Tolerance ± 400ppm/°C: 200GΩ. 500GΩ.
● Tolerance ± 1000ppm/°C: 1TΩ.
● Max. working voltage: DC 10kV.
● Power coefficient: Below 3W.
● Operating temperature: -30°C~75°C.
● Connecting terminals: Binding Post: Resistance circuit and guard.
● Dimensions 430(L) × 324(W) × 127(D)mm.
● Weight: Approx. 5200g.

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