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RCB-411 Resistor Calibration Box

RCB-411 Resistor Calibration Box


The RCB-411 is used to verify and proof High Voltage Insulation Testers. Both Analogue and Digital Insulation Testers can be calibrated.

9 Resistance ranges (Ω): 1MΩ. 10MΩ. 100MΩ. 500MΩ. 1GΩ, 10GΩ. 50GΩ. 100GΩ. 1TΩ.
● Resistance tolerances: ±1%(F).
● Tolerance ± 25ppm/°C: 1MΩ. 10MΩ. 100MΩ.
● Tolerance ± 50ppm/°C: 500MΩ.
● Tolerance ± 100ppm/°C: 1GΩ.
● Tolerance ± 200ppm/°C: 10GΩ, 50GΩ, 100GΩ.
● Tolerance ± 1500ppm/°C: 1TΩ.
● Max. working voltage: DC 5kV.
● Operating temperature: -30°C~75°C.
● Dimensions 250(L) × 190(W) × 110(D)mm.
● Weight: Approx. 1455g.

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