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Theta 60M Universal Transmitter

Theta 60M Universal Transmitter


  • DC Voltage: -300 to 300mV, -40 to 40V.

  • DC Current: -12 to 12mA, -50 to 100mA.

  • Resistance: 0 to 740Ω, 0 to 5000 Ω.

  • Thermocouple (TC): -300 to 300mV.

  • Power Supply: 24 to 60VDC/VAC or 85 to 230VDC/VAC.

  • Converts a DC current, voltage, or a signal for a thermocouple, resistance thermometer, remote sensor, or potentiometer to a linear analog output signal.

  • Measuring inputs are broken down into ranges by using a series of terminal configurations.

  • Programming is handled through the PC with the configuration software, optional cable, and eight pole DIP switch.


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