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Theta 60R RTD Temperature Transducer (PT100)

Theta 60R RTD Temperature Transducer (PT100)


  • Input: PT100 RTD (2,3, or 4 Wire).

  • Power Supply: 24-60VAC/VDC or 85-230VAC/VDC.

  • Outputs: 0-20mA/4-20mA or 0-10V.

  • DIN rail mount converts the resistance value from a PT100 RTD into an analog signal for display, recording, or monitoring.

  • Range and calibration handled through a series of DIP switches and potentiometers.

  • Two models available that can handle two, three, or four wire RTDs.

  • Green LEDs indicate power and the Red LEDs signal an open or short circuit condition.

  • Zero and Span adjustment via front potentiometers.


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