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AcuDC 240 Series - DC Power and Energy Meter

AcuDC 240 Series - DC Power and Energy Meter

SKU: AcuDC-240

The AcuDC 240 is a DC energy meter designed to monitor and control DC power systems with a wide range of measurement parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy. The AcuDC 240 supports bi-directional current measurement used in net metering, solar PV, and wind turbine power generation as well as other applications such as transportation systems, cellular communication towers, power distribution systems, and IT networks. It can also be equipped with digital inputs for switch monitoring, relay outputs for remote control, and an over-range alarming.
● Metering: Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Ampere-Hours
● 0.2% accuracy on voltage and current; 0.5% on power and energy
● Optional 4MB data logging with adjustable log size.
● Optional RS485 ModbusRTU communications.
● Compatible with DC current sensors, DC voltage sensors, Hall effect sensors, & shunts.
● Equip with a variety of I/O options including Analogue Output, Analogue Input, Relay Output or Digital Output.
● Standard 72mm x 72mm DIN size for drawer-type panel installation.
● 5 year warranty.

Applications: DC Energy Management Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Renewable Energy, Industrial DC Control Systems, Metallurgy & Electroplating Industries, Light Rail Transit Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging, Data Centers, Cellular Tower Monitoring

Overview Specifications Documentation Diagrams
Overview Specifications Documentation Diagrams